Hey, we finally have the Tesla Model X pricing and configurations. Though if you look on the company’s website, it can be a pain to find. What’s the deal?

The Model X is still in preorder mode by invitation only. We know the pricing and configurations, but you can’t go on the Tesla site to have fun with the configurations and dream.

At the base configuration, a Tesla Model X will set you back $81,200. Hello, sticker shock. Want it loaded? Even more sticker shock. $132,000. Buyers can place their $5,000 deposits on one of three variants – the 70D, 90D and P90D.

Previously, the configurator was only available to customers who had slapped down their deposits years ago. Why hasn’t Tesla opened up the site to everyone? The reasons are vast.

It could be the waiting list has eclipsed 25,000 buyers who have already deposited the cash. Hitting production targets has been an issue for Tesla in the past. And the Model X hasn’t exactly kept to its timeline. The original release was supposed to hit in 2013, with volume production in 2014.

In 2012, that original date had slipped to 2014. In 2013? A delay to Q2 2015. Now? You’re looking at sometime in 2016.

Not exactly a confidence builder in the company and a good reason to keep the Model X configuration page out of the hands of the masses. No one is going to walk outside on Christmas and see a Model X with a giant bow on it.

Tesla Model X Variants

Those lucky enough to have an invitation are not exactly given a wide range of options. Mostly because the standard options are already what you would add to any other luxury SUV. The changes are primarily in performance.

The 70D has a 70 kWh battery with a 220-mile range. Tesla’s 90D ups the capacity to 90 kWh and includes a smart air suspension. The P90D? Same battery as the 90D but performance gets a boost with 0-60 times hitting 3.2 seconds.

Tesla Model X configurations

Tesla Needs a Home Run

After the delays with the Model S and the even longer delays on the Model X, the company needs to show it can deliver in 2016. Can it show it can realistically push volume production? Tesla doesn’t have the option of further delays.

Then the company has to turn to the Model 3 slated for late 2017. It can’t face the kind of delays that hit the Model X. Eventually, the upstart car manufacturer has to shake off the startup vibe.

Consumers love the Model S, and by this time next year, it could be the Model X is everything people wanted and more. If so, years of delays will be forgiven. Success always wipes away the things that went wrong and showcases everything that is right.

In the meantime? Can you open up the damn configurator to everyone? I may never spend $130,000 on an electric SUV, but damn the Model X is slick.

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