Need your daily Tesla mania fix? Elon Musk has you covered with a cryptic tease of the Model Y. We know what it will sort of look like, and you should notice the glaring lack of mirrors in the crossover SUV set for a 2019 debut.

Tesla Model Y tease

The design was teased at Tesla’s annual shareholder’s meeting. Past the picture, Musk confirmed it would not be based on the Model 3 platform. The company wants to reduce the amount of wiring needed for the company’s vehicles.

In a refreshing glimpse into the company’s inner workings, Elon Musk admitted mistakes made by Tesla when developing the Model X off the Model S platform. “It would have been better to just design an SUV the way an SUV should be designed. Design a sedan, the way a sedan should be designed. Otherwise, you would just try to shoehorn something that doesn’t make sense,” he said.

Tesla Model 3 Assurances

Reassuring depositors and shareholders, Musk said Tesla was on track to begin Model 3 production in July. That means we might be seeing the $35,000 sedan on the roads by the end of the year. Hit that timeframe, Tesla.

The configurator for the Model 3 is expected to go live in July with the basic options being offered like paint color, wheels, etc. The more complex options like dual motors will go live later in the year.

Tesla’s One More Thing?

Musk touched on Tesla’s electric semi-truck debut slated for later this year with another tease saying there’s more to this announcement and recommending people tuning in. Maybe an electric pickup truck? That’d get people talking. Have to hand it to him, the guy can market like no other.

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