Whoever said all press is good press never heard of terror groups. A Texas plumber is being inundated with phone calls after his truck appeared in a propaganda tweet from the fighting in Syria.

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The plumber in question is Mark Oberholtzer, and he’s not a jihadist and he’s not unclogging drains in Syria. He told local papers he’s never been to the country. The tweet showed the truck being modified to carry an anti-aircraft gun. I know you’re in Texas and all, but that’s a little much. Surely they have extra strength draino?

So, how does a plumber’s truck from Texas end up in the fighting in Syria? Oberholtzer said he sold the truck to AutoNation in 2013, but didn’t remove the logo like he normally does. He figured AutoNation would before they sold it off.

“They were supposed to have [removed the decal] and it looks like they didn’t do it. How it ended up in Syria, I’ll never know.”

AutoNation said the truck was sold at auction, and went through several owners before ending up in Syria. Groups fighting in the war torn region are known to use castoff vehicles in their arsenals.

Nearly every video you see features a pickup truck with an impossibly large AAA gun in the bed. In the case of Oberholtzer’s old truck, it looks like Fords are not only built Ford tough, but can haul heavy weaponry.

Jeff Oberholtzer, Mark’s son, is mystified about how their old truck ended up in Syria. “To think something we would use to pull trailers, now is being used for terror, it’s crazy,” Jeff Oberholtzer told KHOU. “Never in my lifetime would think something like that.”

Police in Texas City are monitoring the situation concerning the safety of the Oberholtzer family and business. So far, none of the calls have included credible violent threats.

**The tweet above is a screen grab with his number blacked out.**

IMG Credit: AP/Mohammad Hannon

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