It’s that time of the year. No, not you stampeding your local mall. It’s the annual comparison of calories in the average Thanksgiving Day meal. No surprises, the vast majority of Americans overeat on the holiday.

It is how much we overeat that is staggering. Depending on what’s cookin’ in the kitchen, the annual feast can hit 3,000 to 4,500 calories. Yeah, you eat the daily intake of two days in one meal. Hey, this is America. We’re not afraid of pumpkin pies and enough bread to feed the Duggar family.

Thankfully, our lovable private fitness coaches at CoachUp have broken this down in American terms. Those 4500 calories? It’s the equivalent of eating 7 Big Macs at once. Nice. If the turkey overdose wasn’t nauseating enough, we have this comparison.

How to Burn Thanksgiving Day Calories?

Essentially, you can’t. Embrace the awesomeness of that third pumpkin pie. It’s all about food, family and food. Did I mention food? Because yeah, food. If you are obsessed with killing those calories, here’s how you could spend your Black Friday.

15 hours of cycling would burn the necessary calories. 7.7 hours of basketball. Does that count LeBron moments of standing in the corner? I can do that part. 15 hours of skiing. See, that nor’easter was looking out for you. 10.3 hours of hiking or 20.6 hours of bowling. Today, I learned bowling burns calories.

The goal is to enjoy your day, and get back on your fitness path come Fri… err maybe Saturday. Yeah, Saturday. Leftovers. Don’t judge. Below is an infographic from CoachUp breaking down a few more activities to burn off the mashed potatoes.

thanksgiving day calories


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