Captain Price in Warzone

That Warzone DMR Nerf Isn’t Enough

Anyone who has played Warzone lately knows folks aren’t happy. Yesterday’s nerf to the DMR did little to appease the vast majority of players. The DMR was broken before the nerf. And today, it’s still way too strong. Here’s what Raven’s first swing of the nerf bat did to the DMR 14.

That bump to recoil is questionable. I didn’t notice any changes to it last night. It still feels like a laser when you’re shooting it and getting shot by it. But there is a little good news. The reduced headshot damage does help. While you’ll still get hammered to the ground quickly, it doesn’t feel like a sniper to the face anymore. 

The nerf wasn’t too well received by the community.

JGOD, a popular Warzone YouTuber, tossed his two cents in the mix.

Raven Software also offered a response this afternoon, saying they are continuing to monitor feedback from the community. 

It’s back to playing the wait and see game on the DMR/Diamatti combo. 

So, what should Raven Software do? Some actual recoil on the DMR would be a good start. Ever since it was added to Warzone, it’s been way too easy to control. All that hype for 30 new guns added to Warzone, and there is zero reason to pick anything besides the DMR 14 or Type 63 unless you just like playing at a disadvantage. 

And knock down the base damage on body shots. The headshot damage reduction helps, but these guns still take enemies down way too fast. 

Honestly, there are plenty of ways to approach this. More recoil. Tweaks to fire rate. Less base damage. Warzone’s developers need to overdo it, not under. 

It’s probably a matter of when not if the DMR 14 and Type 63 get another nerf. We’ll see how long it takes.