Earlier this month, weather radar over La Crosse, Wisconsin picked up what looked like a moderate shower. Turns out, it was a massive swarm of mayflies. Check out the swarm from July 20 below.


The occurrence isn’t a rare one for La Crosse residents. Dan Baumgardt with the National Weather Service in La Crosse, Wisconsin told the AP, “Almost every night in the summer, there’s some sense on the radar that there’s something coming off the river.”

“We don’t know what kind of bug it is … until we have people calling or saying, ‘Oh my gosh, there’s mayflies all in the La Crosse area.’ ”

Mayflies are known to be a bearer of good news for the environment. They do pose a problem for us though. They’re attracted to lights and head straight for the highways. Thousands of them were run over causing the road to get slick. This led to a handful of accidents. One accident put a person in the hospital with undisclosed injuries.

Another swarm hit on Thursday night. This one seemed to be a bit less pronounced than the previous one.


Check out the below tweet for an idea of what kind of swarm we’re talking.

I bet that makes for an interesting car wash.

Live around the La Crosse area, or somewhere else affected? Let us know in the comments below and share any pictures you may have.


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