Can’t we all just get along? Four seasons in and we’re still dealing with drama between Skaikru and Grounders. This time, Ice Nation has a bone to pick with Clarke and company. Thanks to Ilian, Octavia reaches Arkadia and warns everyone the Ice Nation is coming to take it. You’ll remember Ilian as the guy who was killing his family right when A.L.I.E. was destroyed.

Clarke hatches a plan to intercept Roan before he reaches Arkadia. Once again, Clarke avoids another catastrophe with a Grounder army. It’s a recurring (and tiring) storyline in ‘The 100.’

Clarke and Roan agree to split the 100 spots on Arkadia evenly. 50 for Clarke’s people. 50 for Ice Nation. A bloody handshake seals the deal. Between them two, at least. Who the hell thinks either side’s people will actually go along with it? Lucky for us, we won’t have to see that storyline pan out.

Remember Ilian? He didn’t save Octavia out of the goodness of his heart. He used her to gain access to Arkadia. After his traumatic experience with A.L.I.E., he views all tech as evil. And who can blame him? Octavia realizes what’s about to happen as she’s recovering, but it’s too late. Ilian torches the server room, which just happens to be above the engines. Arkadia goes boom and the backup plan that probably was never going to work is wiped off the table.

Hell, I’m glad. The last thing I wanted to watch was a bunch of hand-wringing over who gets to sit aboard a small ship for god knows how long. We already know who would be on board. Clarke and her closest friends. No one cares about the random guy that got murdered by Ice Nation in the previous episode.

Abby in Becca's lab

Going back to where it started

The action between Roan and Clarke went as expected. The same can’t be said for the people at Becca’s (the scientist who created A.L.I.E.) lab. Raven and Abby are busy figuring out how they’re going to use all the new sweet tech they just got their hands on to save the world.

Before we know it, Raven is floating around the lab like she’s in zero-g. Back in reality, Raven is having a seizure. Once she comes too, she suddenly has the solution Abby couldn’t figure out for making nightblood work. You need space. Outer space. And look, a rocket and space capsule just waiting to go.

Raven floating around

Raven’s mind is now a supercomputer. Imagine John Travolta in Phenomenon without the Portuguese. Hell, I won’t be surprised to see Raven starting moving stuff with her mind at some point. May as well go all in. But like Travolta’s character, the sudden increase in intelligence comes at a cost. A scan of Raven’s brain shows evidence of a stroke. But that’s not stopping Raven from pushing full steam ahead. She would rather die saving her friends than live a little longer doing nothing.

It does add a layer of tension ‘The 100’ hasn’t seen in awhile. Big characters die from time to time, but there always seems to be a layer of plot armor around certain characters. Raven’s new upgrade could cost her life.

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And it’s not just Raven. She theorizes that when Clarke shut A.L.I.E. off, Becca’s code remained in her head. That theory is spot on when we see Abby have a similar vision – Clarke succumbing to radiation sickness.

But c’mon. Nightblood can treat radiation sickness. What’s a little brain problem in the grand scheme of things?

So, Arkadia lies in ruins – but the solution to surviving the radiation is within reach. Just one problem. The rocket needs fuel. There’s plenty of it buried around Arkadia. With everyone suddenly looking up to Clarke again, her task is getting a bunch of highly combustible fuel from Arkadia to Becca’s lab. Which gives us this absurdly awesome(?) promo for March 15’s episode.


Finally, a new storyline. Yeah, it looks crazy. But at least it’s not the same Grounder BS ‘The 100’ likes to fall back on all the time. We’ve got people burning instantly and dead fish. Get your shit together.

Let’s hope we don’t spend several episodes getting the ship ready for launch. Abby and Raven are supercomputers now (and everyone else in the City of Light when they were unplugged?). Once the fuel gets to Becca’s lab, let’s head back to space – and see what new inevitable problems face the unluckiest group of people ever.

I wonder if Roan wants a seat on this ship too?

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