It’s been a busy start to July for the folks behind Cuphead. About a week ago, Studio MDHR gave us another glimpse at Cuphead DLC coming in 2020. Today, we get news that Netflix is crafting a series using the game’s charming 1930s cartoon style. Soon, a whole new audience can enjoy Cuphead’s art style without the brutally difficult gameplay.

Here are a few concrete details from the Netflix press release.

The Cuphead Show will be produced in house at Netflix Animation, but will retain the same art style from the games – the classic Fleisher cartoons from the 1930s.

In an interview with IGN, co-creator Jaren Moldenhauer joked that it’s a good thing Netflix Animation is handling it. “We are not going to be animating this [ourselves] because it would never be finished,” said Moldenhauer.

It’s described as a “character character-driven comedy” following “the unique misadventures of the impulsive Cuphead and his cautious but easily swayed brother Mugman. Through their many misadventures across their surreal home of the Inkwell Isles.”

In the same interview with IGN, Moldenhauer stressed The Cuphead Show will not be a “toddler show or a little kids cartoon.” He added, “It’s safe for kids, but written so there are also things that adults find funny and appeals to a wider audience.”

No word on a release date. Moldenhauer describes the show as still “in the beginning processes.” And with the animation still being hand-drawn frame by frame, I imagine the release date is still a good way off.

I didn’t expect a video-game related show on Netflix to be about Cuphead, but I’ll take it.

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