Yesterday was a big day for The Division fans. Patch 1.1 is out and with it Incursions and a slew of much-requested updates. For some Xbox One owners though, the patch is a nightmare.

One of the top posts on The Division Reddit is Xbox One players reporting their characters are being deleted. Ubisoft Massive is aware of the issue, but so far no news on a fix.

So what’s happening? Players are reporting they are logging in and receiving ‘Delta’ or ‘Mike’ errors. We’ve all encountered the same error message at some point since the game’s release, but this one is different. When they try logging on again, their character is gone. The problem appears to only affect Xbox One. I browsed the comments and didn’t see any mention of PS4 or PC.

The Division Falcon Lost Incursion

Ubisoft Massive did just deploy a hotfix, but that was centered around an exploit for the Falcon Lost Incursion. Here’s what they fixed.

– Named enemies in Challenge mode will now only guarantee one High-End item like all the other named enemies.
– Incursion: Falcon Lost
– The APC will no longer take damage from players’ weapons.
– The APC’s Mortar weapon will now fire correctly.
– Several fixes to improve stability.

Let’s hope Ubisoft Massive is quick with a fix. Much quicker than the backpack issue that caused some players to be locked out of their characters for days and even weeks.

As for the update? I was excited at first, but now I’m not so sure. Seeing yellows drop constantly in the Dark Zone was great at first. Then you realize nearly all of the gear sucks. I haven’t tried the Incursion yet, but plan to later today. Have you tackled the Incursion yet? Let me known in the comments.

I’ll keep this post updated as Ubisoft Massive updates us on the character deleting bug.

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