I was a little worried The Division was going to miss its March 8th release date. Ubisoft has been hyping a closed beta, but no one knew when it was going to start. Until today. Xbox One owners can take The Division for a spin starting on January 28. PC and PS4 players will get their hands on it one day later (Jan. 29). The closed beta will run through January 31 on all three platforms.

Want a guaranteed spot in the closed beta? You’ll need to pre-order. Amazon is your best bet. You can pre-order, grab the code and cancel without being charged. That’s what I’ll be doing. Except, I’ll be keeping my preorder. If you’re an Amazon Prime subscriber, you can grab The Division for 20% off. Can’t beat that. You can also sign up for a spot. It won’t be guaranteed, though. Go to Amazon if you want to play it for sure.

What’s in the beta?

You’ll tackle several early story missions as you try to regain control of New York. They range from rescuing NPCs to sniper missions.

The Division Dark Zone

The big draw for many of us is Dark Zone. And it will be playable during the closed beta. So, what is it? Dark Zone is a large PvP enabled area full of NPC enemies and other players. It’s also where the best loot is found. Ubisoft labels the area as “PvP-enabled.” Attacking other players is up to you.

The developer is trying to create a tense experience. Should you attack that other group of agents? Are they about to attack you? Come on, we all know what’s going to happen. The majority of the time, people are going to shoot each other on sight. Ever played H1Z1/DayZ/Rust? Trust no one.

Dark Zone also has its own leveling system. So, if you want the best gear – you’re going to want to spend quite a bit of time there.


This month’s glorified demo (that’s what it is) will serve as a mini stress test and balancing time for the developers. Ubisoft will want to make sure there’s no game breaking glitches they have overlooked or any loot glitches. Balancing weapons will also be a major priority as the launch gets closer.

Give The Division a try before the full game comes out on March 8th.

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