A GameStop video about The Division is floating around the internet today. In it, we hear that Xbox One gets new DLC content 30 days before ‘Sony.’ I’m going to assume that also means 30 days before PC. At least, I’ve never heard of timed console exclusive DLC (timed exclusive on one console and launches same day on PC). Let me know if I’m wrong about that.

The 30-day exclusive isn’t actually new news. It just seems like it because we’ve been talking about The Division for years. Ubisoft announced the DLC was coming first to Xbox One back at E3 2014. Check out the end of the video below.

The Division DLC

Ubisoft talked about their DLC plans for The Division a couple of weeks ago. Let’s recap.

Three expansions are coming with the $39.99 season pass. ‘Underground’ is the first one. You and three friends will head to New York City’s underbelly and explore new areas of the post-epidemic area.

The Division map

The second expansion is called ‘Survival’ and places you in “a hostile environment that will challenge even the most hardcore Division players.”

Ubisoft is keeping the third expansion close to their chest and gives us only a name – ‘Last Stand.’

Besides new areas to explore, each expansion comes with new gear and “new types of gameplay.”

Does 30 days exclusive content matter to you?

It doesn’t to me. I’m picking it up on Xbox One, but that doesn’t have anything to do with DLC. That’s where all my friends play.

It’s hard for me to imagine these type of deals working. But, they must. Otherwise, Microsoft and Sony wouldn’t team up with publishers. I just don’t see how that influences how people buy games. If you have a Xbox One or PS4 only, obviously you’re buying The Division for that system. If you own all consoles and a PC, you’re either buying the PC version or buying whichever version many of your friends are buying.

Maybe I’m missing something. Does timed DLC affect which version you get? Let me know why in the comments.

At the end of the day, this practice is bullshit. Just let everybody get the content at the same time. I shouldn’t have to wait a month to play new Call of Duty maps or The Division content. It’s annoying when Microsoft or Sony does it.


The Division open beta is almost here. Xbox One players can jump back into the Dark Zone starting tomorrow. It’ll go live for PC and PS4 players on Friday. Here’s an open beta trailer to get you pumped. It includes a sneak peek at the new mission coming in the beta.

The Division officially releases on March 8th.

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