Another week goes by and another solid episode of The Expanse. The crew of the Roci is still on Ganymede looking for Strickland, and Prax’s daughter. Avasarala’s still trying to piece everything protomolecule related together. And Bobbi makes a choice. Let’s dive in.

Stuck on Ganymede

The Cascade is happening. Amos helps Prax put it in simpler terms. “It means this station is fucked.” The Expanse isn’t afraid to hit their f-bomb quotas, and I love it. Strickland’s trail takes Holden, Naomi, Amos and Prax through an old section of Ganymede station. Flashbacks show the same route Strickland and Mei took as the Roci crew follow.

The flashbacks also show why they want Mei and the other kids. They’re injecting them with protomolecule. Man, I can’t wait to see Strickland get his. Preferably with a little softening up from Amos and a can of chicken.

Holden and crew stumble upon some of the scientists later on. Prax sees his daughter’s backpack and demands to know where she is. A quick gunfight ends with several dead for the bad guys and Amos with a through-and-through gunshot wound. Only a flesh wound for everyone’s favorite emotions-on-his-sleeves character.

The Expanse prax protomolecule

One of the experiments before Holden torches it.

And a little flesh wound isn’t about to keep him down. Which leads to the moment of the episode.

Damn, I love this show!

What about Alex? What’s he up to? He’s trading a sing along with Hank Williams for figuring out how to get to Ganymede without getting blasted out of the sky by Martian forces. Gravity assist slingshot engaged! Any other time, this break of action would be annoying – but how can you hate on more screen time for Alex and the Roci? And it gives the CG team some work by showing the moons of Jupiter as the Roci slips by each one.

That grenade throw from Amos just made the scientists’ bad day get a whole lot worse. Screams and gunfire echo from the other side of the door. Something is loose, and we all know what it is. The weapon (same one?) that attacked Bobbi and her squad tears through the scientists and guards in seconds. Syfy is doing a decent job of portraying fear with this new weapon without actually showing it in action. I’m still bummed out we didn’t see Bobbi’s action sequence from the book, though.

Props to the showrunners for making the Ganymede sequence consistently good. It feels like we’ve either been heading here or on it for the second half of the season. I’m ready for the Roci and crew to finally get off this rock.

Bobbi finally vents a little

The Expanse bobbi kicking ass

In the only way she knows how. Beating the shit out of people. She confronts Captain Martens about what really happened to her team. Ok, so she punches him in the throat and then pummels his face until he talks. The “hybrid” that attacked six UN marines and Bobbi’s team is called ‘Project Caliban.’

The drone Bobbi saw during the battle was documenting the field test. After getting the answers she needs, she flees to the Earth embassy seeking asylum. Bobbi tells Avasarala about Project Caliban and how Mars wants it.

It’s good seeing Bobbi finally stand up to the Martian authority. She always stood as the perfect Martian soldier, but the deaths of her squadmates left this resolve shaken. It only shook more as the higher-ups told her to toe the official line and tried to scapegoat one of her team.

This tension between Bobbi and Martens finally exploded this week. But, it still felt fast. She went from more confused to openly rebellious in a hurry. Then again, Avasarala was the only one appearing to level with her, and she wanted the truth more than anything.

How does this relationship between Bobbi and Avasarala play out in the future? Bobbi’s a main character on the show. And she isn’t headed back to Mars anytime soon.

The protomolecule stirs on Venus

The Expanse exploring venus

The crew of the Arbogast keeps dropping probes and Venus keeps eating them up. They decide to cobble together the parts from their last two probes to make it more resilient against whatever is chewing them up. The probe reaches the surface of Venus and reveals a big, throbbing mountain of blue protomolecule.

So much for Ganymede being the biggest cause for concern.

The last two episodes have a lot of ground to cover. And hopefully, we finally see a resolution to Ganymede. Surprisingly, the big focal point on Ganymede has held up. The set ups are over. It’s time to sprint to the end. Can Holden and crew catch the hybrid on Ganymede? Will Prax reunite with his daughter? What happens between Bobbi and Avasarala? What about Venus? And the meeting between Avasarala and Mao? That’s a lot to cover in the next two hours.

Extra thoughts

– Avasarala meeting with Mao is sure to be entertaining. I don’t think Avasarala is going to hold back on the man who almost destroyed Earth.

– “What the fuck are you looking at?” – Bobbi

– Naomi had a son? Lots of past personal tidbits floating around this season for most of the crew.

– Naomi and Amos aren’t leaving. I don’t buy it.

– “Suit up. We’re going on a hunt.” – Holden.

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