The Expanse Is Here To Stay With Season 5 Renewal

The Expanse Amos

In Season 4, The Expanse will take us to Ilus – but Amazon is already making sure fans know the best sci-fi show on TV right now is here to stay. A fifth season is coming. The news came during the Television Critics Association (TCA) summer press tour on Saturday.

Amazon picked up The Expanse following a massive fan campaign to save the show after Syfy canceled it. I won’t lie. I was pumped to hear about The Expanse getting a fourth season on Amazon, but was worried that it might be a one-off season before getting canceled again. So much for that worry.

It’s fantastic news for diehard fans who fell in love with The Expanse when the first book released in 2011. Book readers are even more pumped with the Season 5 renewal, especially if the show continues its current trend of each season covering a book. I won’t spoil the fifth book, but Season 5 is going to be insane.

Amazon also gave us another small taste of season 4 over the weekend.

I love the Rocinante plaque Amos is bolting onto the ship with ‘A Legitimate Salvage’ at the bottom.

The teaser jumps around a lot, but we get a good look at all our favorite characters from The Expanse. We also see an alien swarm attacking an outpost on Ilus and a glimpse of a space battle. Everything we’ve seen so far shows Ilus being a central focal point for Season 4, but it’s nice to see some space action too.

December 13 needs to hurry up and get here already. The Expanse Season 4 and Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker within one week of each other? It doesn’t get any better for sci-fi fans.

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