When news broke that Syfy was doing a TV adaptation of The Expanse series, I was skeptical. Sorry Syfy, the constant Sharknado promos, and other cornball movies has made me leery of legitimate sci-fi on the network.

I just started reading the Expanse series, and it is impressive. I love the setup and pacing. Alex is already on the second book, and people have claimed it is the best sci-fi book they have ever read.

High praise for the novels. Giant skepticism when it comes to bringing it to the small screen. Especially on a network known for as much cheese as it can throw at the wall.

Until earlier this month.

Sure, it’s a trailer. We know how those can be, but thank you Syfy for keeping the shots in close. If you don’t have the CG budget or whatever wizardry the Battlestar production team pulled, keep everything in on the characters.

the expanse premiere on syfy

Watch The Expanse Series Premiere Today

The two-night premiere is set for December 14, but Syfy believes and is releasing the series premiere starting today. It lists a variety of partners including Hulu, but it is 100% on Syfy.com.

It could be an issue of timing or the search function on Hulu is not picking up the show yet.

Regardless, I know what I’ll be watching tonight.

Just please, be on par with the books. That’s a big ask, and the showrunners will take creative license, but no reason the show can’t bring our favorite characters to life.

If you’ve watched the first episode, feel free to sound off in the comments. Book fans? Join in with your thoughts.

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