His name is Seth Grahame-Smith, and he could be your director for DC’s The Flash. You’re probably already watching the CW’s Flash, but DC is ramping up the universe’s big screen adaptations.

Where do you know Seth Grahame-Smith from? He was the writer for both Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. His DC cred comes from writing The Lego Batman Movie. Past those three, it gets a bit sparse for his CV.

If you were an Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter fan, he wrote the novel and the film adaptation. Gremlins fan? The reboot is getting produced by Smith, and he’s signed on to write Beetlejuice 2.

I know, DC fans will be questioning his skill behind the camera. He has the writing credits, but The Flash is a beloved DC character. You can make the argument the CW show is one of the more popular DC franchises of late.

The Flash Movie

The negotiations are still ongoing for Grahame-Smith to helm the film, according to THR. It’s the latest step in what seems like a leisurely stroll getting The Flash into theaters. Last year, DC tapped Ezra Miller to play Barry Allen.

Warner Bros. lined up The LEGO Movie writer duo of Phil Lord and Chris Miller. Both have a full slate, preventing them from grabbing the director’s chair. The duo will be behind the camera of Disney’s Han Solo standalone film.

What about Grahame-Smith? Well, he’s a newcomer behind the camera. It’s an awfully big film to get your feet wet in the world of directing, but I’m sure Warner Bros. and DC are lining up a talented producing team.

Besides, the move could serve to dampen hype. That’s a good thing for comic book movies these days. Everyone’s hype meter is pegged at 11 for each film that comes out. Take the Avengers: Age of Ultron. Hyped beyond, but came away underwhelmed.

It’s a risk, but The Flash doesn’t release into theaters until March 3, 2018. There’s plenty of time to create an awesome experience for fans of Barry Allen.

Not up on the story? The Flash will tell the tale of Barry Allen, a forensic scientist who gains super-speed after being struck by lightning in his lab. The character is expected to be one of the leading heroes in the Justice League: Part One. Rumor has it; he could make a brief cameo in next year’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Possible audience confusion? There’s a chance CW’s The Flash will be in its fourth season when The Flash runs into theaters. It’ll be similar to 2006 when Smallville and Superman Returns overlapped each other.

I try to forget Superman Returns, too. The potential overlap of CW’s The Flash and the movie will be interesting as they will tell a similar story. Still, don’t cancel it CW. It’s one of your better shows.


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