Yesterday, news of The Last Guardian’s trademark being abandoned swept across the internet. But, it appears it was just an administrative mishap. Today, Sony has filed to renew the abandoned trademark. See? All is well for The Last Guardian fans.

Now, when the hell are we finally going to see the game again. Sony remains adamant the game is still being worked on. But, we haven’t seen anything since it was initially announced back at E3 2009.

The most recent news about The Last Guardian came from an interview with Fumito Ueda. He said, “we’re making progress under completely new conditions.” What does this mean? Kotaku’s Brian Ashcraft speculated it means it’s shifting to the PS4. I agree. Now, let’s hope they make better progress on PS4 compared to PS3. Otherwise, we might be waiting until the PS5 drops.

At this point, E3 2015 has to include a re-reveal for The Last Guardian. If it doesn’t, The Last Guardian is officially vaporware in my book.

I’m curious to see what The Last Guardian looks like today compared to when we saw a glimpse of it in 2009. Obviously, the graphics will be much improved – but what else has changed. Are the characters that we saw still there? Maybe, just maybe we will see it again in June.

Tell me what you think about The Last Guardian. Still excited? What would you like to see from the game if we ever see it again?


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