Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us Remastered is hitting a small bump on PS4 Pro. Fans are enjoying a nice bump in resolution to 3200×1800 in 60fps mode. That resolution hits native 4K in 30fps mode. And its HDR implementation is being praised by many. But the move to PS4 Pro isn’t without issue.

Digital Foundry slapped their testing techniques on The Last of Us Remastered and came away slightly disappointed. Joel and Ellie’s trek through human-snacking infected isn’t the always silky smooth 60fps you might expect.

You can see drops ranging from 2-7 fps on the PS4 Pro version compared to the PS4 in the same areas of the game. Now, outputting at much higher resolutions can explain the slight changes in fps.

But the kicker here is you can’t get the same performance as the base PS4 at all. Setting the resolution at 1080p doesn’t resolve the issue. The PS4 Pro is still churning away at a higher resolution and then uses downsampling to get to 1080p. You get better image quality (anti-aliasing and such), but the fps dips are still present.

This fps issue might be temporary. Digital Foundry’s tests were on patch 1.07 and a future patch could resolve the issue.

The folks at Digital Foundry sum it up best. “So if you have a 4K display, losing 2-5fps in performance in the 60fps mode doesn’t feel like a bad trade as such, but the point is that you cannot opt for enhanced performance instead.”

Plus, the PS4 Pro should only make base PS4 games run better. Not worse. Those jumping on board the PS4 train with the Pro might be surprised to learn some games run slightly worse in some areas.

Can this be resolved in a patch? I don’t see why not. And Naughty Dog has proven to be one of the best developers out there from a technical standpoint. There were bound to be growing pains as developers figure out exactly how much new power they have at their fingertips and optimizing around it.

But developers need to do everything they can to ensure performance is at least the same across both platforms. There shouldn’t be any shortcomings to owning a PS4 Pro. People aren’t paying $400 for that.

Did you pick up a PS4 Pro? Let me know what you think.

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