Originally set for release on October 13, Ubisoft has delayed Rainbow Six: Siege to December 1. Why? Player feedback is cited as the primary reason.

Ubisoft will enter crunch time making improvements to the “co-op experience across all game modes.” The developers will also spend the few extra weeks tweaking the weapon and gadget balancing. And they will make improvements to the menu and interface UI.

In a blog post, Ubisoft writes, “We’re taking a little more time to make these changes, and we think it’s the right call.”

I’m all for a delay if the developers need it. We’ve been without a Rainbow Six game for too long. I say take all the time you need. The last thing any tactical shooter fan wants is a mediocre Rainbow Six title.

As for the upcoming closed beta? That’s still on schedule and will start on September 24. The closed beta will help Ubisoft nail down server infrastructure and matchmaking. It will also give them a larger sample size to get even more player feedback.

Delaying Rainbow Six Siege is a smart move by Ubisoft. The game needs a bit more work, plus it shifts the game’s release until after most of the Fall’s biggest games release. Releasing right before Halo 5, Star Wars Battlefront and Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 isn’t the best way to retain a player base. I’m itching to play another tactical shooter, but even I would move on quickly to these other games.

Rainbow Six Siege is facing an uphill battle. This holiday’s multiplayer shooters are all shaping up to be great. But, there’s room for a tactical shooter to grow. I know a lot my gaming buddies are excited for a shooter that’s a bit more grounded in realism. Now, will Ubisoft deliver? You will be able to judge when the closed beta releases on September 24.

Changes based on player feedback so far

Earlier this month, Ubisoft highlighted some of the changes made to Rainbow Six Siege based on player feedback. Drop-shotting (laying down quickly to avoid gunfire) was one issue many alpha players voiced their concerns about. The developers doubled the transition time between standing and going prone.

Movement speed, especially strafing, has been reduced and is an area Ubisoft continues to fine tune.

The lean feature was improved for those of you playing on PC with keyboard and mouse. Leaning now works without having to ADS (aim down sights).

New features were also added including fire selectors, which let you change the fire mode (single, burst, fully automatic.) Weapon attachments such as scopes, barrels (suppressors) and underbarrels (grips) can be added “for extra comfort.”

Interface improvements include reducing the opacity on teammate highlights by 50% and removing the Kill-cam from ranked games.

And finally, a vote-kick feature was added.

Next month’s closed beta will give all of us an opportunity to let Ubisoft know what other areas can be addressed.

Did you play the alpha? What did you think?

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