Thinking about a trip through the Willamette Valley? The Vintages Trailer Resort was built to have you take in the scenery in retro-style. I’m a sucker for the old-school trailers. Custom airstreams from Timeless have me itching to get a truck and trailer to hit the open road.

Located in the heart of Willamette Valley, the group of 15 refurbished travel-trailers are nestled together to form a small neighborhood. If you’re looking for a location, the trailers are within the 14-acre Willamette Wine Country RV Park between Dundee Oregon and McMinnville, Oregon.

Needless to say, the selling point here is wine tasting. Think Napa without breaking the bank. Booking at The Vintages starts at $92 depending on your selection and peak times.

Amenities at The Vintages

Just because you’re in a travel trailer doesn’t mean it’s red solo cups, a cheap grill and Walmart. No, it’s Oregon, so gourmet pour-over coffee is standard. Hotel-quality sheets, comfortable mattresses and, of course, a robe. Does anyone actually wear the robes hotels offer?

Each trailer has a propane grill right outside with all the utensils. If you decide to cook, have at it.

The RV park itself has a communal pool and hot tub if you need a quick dip. Oh, and vineyard views. The Vintages offers cruiser bikes so you can pedal over to Dayton, OR, which serves a gateway town to the local vineyards.

Wine and more wine. Can you bring the family along? Absolutely. Though, it seems like the better option would be to sneak your significant other off for a weekend of wine tasting and great food.

Airstreams at The Vintages

I’ll admit it, I love Airstreams. Be sure to check out the rest of the trailers you can book, but I’m going to highlight the Airstreams offered at the RV resort.

1959 Airstream Globester

It sleeps three adults or a family of four. Pricing starts at $140 per night.

1959 airstream globester interior

1959 airstream globester

1957 Airstream Sovereign

The Sovereign sleeps three adults or a family of three. Pricing starts at $130 per night.

airstream sovereign

airstream sovereign interior

2014 Airstream Bambi

Not willing to give up some modern convenience? This newer Airstream will sleep two adults or a family of three. $135 will secure you a night in the RV park.

2014 airstream bambi

2014 airstream bambi interior

2014 Airstream Bambi – Groovy

Same as the other 2014 Airstream. $135 per night and sleeps two adults or a family of three.

airstream bambi groovy

airstream bambi groovy interior

To learn more about the area and the resort, jump over The Vintages. And yes, Willamette Valley Oregon does look gorgeous.

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