Itching for more The Witcher 3 adventures? Your wait is almost over. The Hearts of Stone expansion is coming on October 13th. Today, CD Projekt Red gives us a taste of what’s coming next week.

That guy at the beginning who you also met at White Orchard? His name is Gaunter O’Dim. Some call him by another name – Man of Glass. He hires you to take out a bandit captain, Olgierd von Everec. But, Olgierd isn’t your typical bandit captain. He’s immortal.

Hearts of Stone immortal

Hearts of Stone adds ten hours of gameplay according to CD Projekt Red. I’m sure it will be a bit quicker for some of us. Besides more gameplay, new monsters and new gameplay mechanics are being added. The biggest of which is the new ‘Runewords’ system. Runewords give you the even more ways to experiment with The Witcher 3’s combat system.

Hearts of Stone isn’t your typical expansion. It’s also getting a limited boxed edition that includes two crafted physical decks of Gwent and a detailed manual explaining the rules.

Don’t worry season pass holders. CD Projekt Red isn’t leaving you out to dry. Head on over to redeemgwent.com to find out how you can purchase the cards seperately.


Well, CD Projekt Red knows how to sell you on their game. That was a damn good looking trailer for an expansion. And, that’s their small expansion too. Blood and Wine is even bigger with an entirely new area called Toussaint.

Now all I need to do is hurry up and finish the base game. If you haven’t picked up the season pass, you can snag Hearts of Stone at 15% off on Steam for $8.49. Hearts of Stone releases on October 13th. The Blood and Wine expansion I mentioned? That will release early next year.

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