Yeah, winter isn’t coming to San Francisco, but Caesar on a horse is. Set ten years after the first movie, the world is a different place. Humans are struggling to survive, while the tribe of apes is flourishing. James Franco is out as the lead character, with Jason Clarke taking the lead as Malcolm. The rest of the leading roles go to Keri Russell and Gary Oldman.

We finally get a full teaser trailer for the potential blockbuster. A group of survivors venture out of the colony set in the ruins of San Francisco. Trying to restore power, they run into the tribe of apes led by Caesar. While Jason Clarke’s character is set on avoiding a potential conflict, Gary Oldman’s Dreyfus places humanity’s downfall squarely on the tribe of apes, chimpanzees and orangutans.

Visually, the movie looks amazing. Plenty of conflict, and expect it to be CG heavy. The go to motion capture actor, Andy Serkis, gets the role of Caesar. I’m pretty sure Hollywood just has him on speed dial when it comes to a motion capture character.

He spoke to Hero Complex, a LA Times blog, about the character and the tribe Caesar has built. “Caesar’s created a society in which there is complete equality between orangutans and chimpanzees and gorillas. There are a set of beliefs that they’ve collectively imposed, and there are strict tenets of what they should and shouldn’t do. He’s an egalitarian leader.”

Instead of the traditional green screen motion capture studio, director Matt Reeves jumped out of the box. He had actors filming in onset, ranging from the forest outside of Vancouver to New Orleans. Yeah, you’re not actually looking at San Francisco. That’s Hollywood for you. Chase those tax breaks.

Premiering in July, Hollywood is banking on Planet of the Apes being one of the tent poles for the summer. The trailer below clocks in just under three minutes and should get you hyped for the release. Caesar is looking to keep his home with a bit of cavalry on his side.


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