May 19th is shaping up to be quite the day for gamers. It’s the day we all finally get our hands on The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. And, it’s the day Bungie releases their newest Destiny expansion – House of Wolves.

Just a short time ago, Bungie released 5+ minutes of video showing off House of Wolves.

Let’s take a deeper look at the trailer.

Petra destiny

This is Petra Venj. She’s the voice of the Queen and will be giving you your orders.

Destiny Skolas

This guy? Meet Skolas. He’s the main bad guy in House of Wolves.

Destiny Prison of Elders

This is a snapshot of The Prison of Elders gameplay. It’s a new co-op mode that throws you and two friends into a “prison where the most nefarious criminals live.” Crank the difficulty to max and bring in your fireteam to get the best rewards.

Destiny Trials of Osiris

According to Bungie, Trials of Osiris “provides the PvP end-game experience.” Two teams of three players face off in an elimination mode with no respawns. Players can be resurrected during the match, though.

Just like Iron Banner, level and gear matters in Trials of Osiris.

Destiny Black Shield

Three new Crucible maps come with House of Wolves. The one pictured above is Black Shield. The other two (Widow’s Court and Thieves Den) are pictured below.

Destiny Widows Court

Destiny Thieves Den

Destiny The Shadow Thief

The new cooperative strike is called The Shadow Thief and is set on the Moon.

One feature that is sure to excite Destiny fans is ascending legendary gear. Want to use that sweet gun you earned in Vault of Glass? Now, you can bring it up to level 34.

House of Wolves is far from the last piece of Destiny content coming this year. Activision promised in its earnings call to bring even more content this summer. This all culminates with the biggest expansion yet this Fall.

In the earnings call, Activision Publishing CEO Eric Hirshberg said, “in the fall we will have a major release, which will be the biggest addition to the Destiny universe yet, across all modes of play. Unfortunately, I don’t have more details than that today, but we’re confident it’s going to be incredibly appealing, not just to our current fans, but also to people who haven’t yet joined the Destiny universe; it’s going to be that big of an expansion.”

Want to learn more about House of Wolves? DattoDoesDestiny has several videos up showing off the new Crucible maps and The Prison of Elders.


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