Less than two months. Then, we’ll all be playing one of 2017’s most anticipated games. Today, EA and Bioware dropped another cinematic trailer. This isn’t CGI, so the graphics are representative of what we’ll be playing – but we don’t get any sweet gameplay footage.

Let’s dig into it.

Habitat 7

One of seven planets dubbed “Golden Worlds.”

habitat Mass Effect Andromeda

Here, the folks aboard Hyperion station hope to build their new home. But, nothing’s easy for our heroes. Hyperion station is marooned and needs to know if Habitat 7 is a safe world. And needs to know quickly. You can guess what happens next. Humanity’s home away from home isn’t the quiet planet they wanted it to be. Here, we meet a new foe.

Kett Archon

Kett Archon Mass Effect Andromeda

Ugly? Check. Deep, scary voice? Of course. Wants to kill you? How the hell else would a Mass Effect game play out. “Surrender or burn.” Yep, Kett isn’t one for making good first impressions. We don’t know much about Archon or his race, but we know he isn’t a fan of us.

Waiting 600 years for this

Even with all the fancy tech, getting to the Andromeda galaxy isn’t easy. “Been waiting 600 years for this,” says your squadmate Liam Kosta. It looks like the crew took a nice long nap during their trip from Earth.

Liam Kosta

Liam Kosta Mass Effect Andromeda

Thanks to a new Andromeda Initiative video, we have bios on a few new characters. Let’s start with Liam Kosta.

Liam Kosta is a human security and crisis response specialist with civilian tactical training.

Liam entered University for engineering but left to train for law enforcement and later transitioned to the multi-species effort of Heavy Urban Search and Crisis Response.

His multi-disciplinary skills set him apart and Liam was handpicked by Alec Ryder to support the Pathfinder team.

Alec Ryder

Alec Ryder Mass Effect Andromeda

Father to Scott and Sarah Ryder (the pair we play as in the game).

Born on Earth in 2129, Alec Ryder says his love of new frontiers was fostered by a childhood in the Sierra Nevadas. According to his service record, he joined the Alliance military and was eventually assigned to Jon Grissom’s historic expedition through the Charon Relay.

His experience made him a candidate for what would later be known N7 training back on Earth. Alec continued military service, most notably on Shanxi in the First Contact War against the Turians.

Assigned as a military attache to the Citadel in the late 2160s, Alec became interested in artificial intelligence as a means of human advancement.

Scott Ryder

Scott Ryder and Sarah Ryder Mass Effect Andromeda

Alec Ryder’s son.

Born on the Citadel space station in 2163. With informal training aided by Alec Ryder’s N7 background.

Scott joined the Systems Alliance military and was assigned to an outpost near Arcturus Station overseeing Relay 202.

A primary route to Arcturus, this mass relay leads into contested space and has an unsavory reputation. Scott was needed to protect Arcturus, but also had “a front row seat to everyone else going off to fortune and glory.”

Sarah Ryder

Alec Ryder’s daughter.

Born on the Citadel space station in 2163. With informal training aided by Alec Ryder’s N7 background. Sarah joined the Systems Alliance military which was continuing its search for Prothean technology after successful discoveries on Mars. Initially assigned to peacekeeping duties.

Sarah was approached to serve a support role for these Prothean researchers. She often describes the thrill of serving with scientists like Mateus Silva on the brink of the next great discovery.

Cora Harper

Cora Harper Mass Effect Andromeda

Hardcore Mass Effect fans will recognize the Harper name. That was the Illusive Man’s surname. Are they related? We’ll have to wait and see.

Lieutenant Cora Harper is a human biotic and formerly an officer in the Systems Alliance military. She was transferred via the Citadel Council’s Valkyrie Program (a subset of their interspecies military integration plan) and placed with the asari commando unit Talein’s Daughters.

Cora’s huntress training and biotic capability made her a candidate for Alec Ryder’s second-in-command and, if warranted, his successor as Pathfinder.

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