Microsoft’s Xbox One hit store shelves in the U.S. and about a dozen other countries in November. For many countries, including Japan and many European countries, they were told to wait.

Today, these countries now have a release date. This September, Xbox One will be expanding into 26 additional countries.

In a press release that managed to tout Titanfall, a game these 26 countries can play on PC, Microsoft detailed which 26 countries will be getting their hands on a Xbox One this September. They include: Argentina, Belgium, Chile, Colombia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Greece, Hungary, India, Israel, Japan, Korea, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Slovakia, South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey and UAE.

Microsoft will be fighting an uphill battle in many of these countries. Japan, for instance, has been notoriously difficult for Xbox to get a foothold in. Most of these European countries have been able to purchase PS4s. Many gamers jumped in Sony’s camp after feeling left out during the initial Xbox One launch.

Still, at least these countries now know when they can get their hands on one.

There is one plus for gamers in these countries. The launch line-up will be stacked with software.

Microsoft promised more info late next month. “We’ll have much more to share at a local level towards the end of April, so stay tuned,” Yusef Mehdi wrote in a blog post.

Image courtesy of Xbox News Wire


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