Last week, one of the biggest rumors surrounding Apple finally came to fruition. We finally got our first look at Apple Watch. Another rumor that has stuck to Apple for years is an Apple branded TV.

Apple CEO Tim Cook touched on TV’s on a recent episode of the Charlie Rose show.

“Think about how much your life has changed, and all the things around you that has changed. And yet TV, when you go in your living room to watch the TV, or wherever it might be, it almost feels like you’re rewinding the clock and you’ve entered a time capsule and you’re going backwards. The interface is terrible. I mean, it’s awful,” Cook said.

Does that mean Apple is preparing a jump into the TV market.

“I don’t want to get into what we’re doing in the future. We’ve taken stabs with Apple TV, and Apple TV now has over 20 million users, so it has far exceeded the hobby label that we placed on it,” said Cook.

Cook added, “We’ve added more and more content to it this year, so there’s increasingly more things that you can do on there. But this is an area that we continue to look at.”

The TV rumor has stuck with Apple in recent years. Industry insiders and analysts were convinced Apple was prepared to launch one in 2012. Two years later and still nothing. With more and more people digesting media on mobile devices, Apple knows what the consumer wants. A nice, couple hundred-dollar iPad is a more compelling purchase than a TV that could cost a grand or more.

I think Apple may have been interested in TV at one point, but I doubt they jump in. 20 million Apple TV users might sound like a big number, but it’s miniscule. They’ll sell 20 million iPhone 6’s in a flash. Analysts expect Apple to sell 75-80 million iPhone 6’s in the first three months of release.

People want content on the go. Apple knows this and won’t deviate from its current path.


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