I’ll admit to being mildly obsessed with camping trailers. Ok, maybe more than mildly…

It doesn’t have the cost of a full-fledged RV, nor does it put me behind the wheel of said RV. I’d rather have something you can take offroad, not a bus you park at the RV parks and unhook your car to enjoy the area.

Enter Timberleaf Trailers. For those that don’t own massive SUVs or trucks, rejoice. The Timberleaf is easily towable behind smaller SUVs and cars. And it’s just enough space. A road trip should be an escape, not another job. Try packing up an RV. Not an enjoyable experience.

Timberleaf Style

Available in a variety of colors, you’re not hemmed in by what’s on the lot. At 1200 pounds, the teardrop keeps things light but doesn’t compromise on features. The cabin is fully insulated against the wind, cold or heat. One-inch foam insulation has been installed throughout the cabin.

timberleaf trailer

Love camping in the summer? Each Timberleaf comes with a cabin vent fan. There’s even an option to upgrade your trailer with air conditioning. Hey, don’t judge. Try camping when it’s humid as hell in Alabama.

Jumping inside a Timberleaf and the first thing you’ll notice is the skylight. Teardrops are known to feel cramped, and the solution to that is windows. Lots of windows. The integrated skylight urges you to seek out spots with no light pollution.

interior skylight timberleaf trailer

You’re sleeping here, so the majority of the space is taken up by the custom Colorado Queen mattress. Take a look at your normal queen mattress. Now trim three inches in width and that’s a Colorado Queen.

Storage space is achieved at the headboard complete with shelving.

Cooking With a Timberleaf

Every teardrop trailer needs a galley. Timberleaf doesn’t disappoint with its camping kitchen. The Birch cooler is pretty damn cool looking. If you need to camp in style, Timberleaf understands you. The company opted to create their own custom cooler line to match the birch design. Camping sinks and stoves are options you can upgrade in the building process.

timberleaf galley


The base package is priced at $15,250 and includes everything you need to get out of the house and into the wild. A fully-loaded Timberleaf with every option listed on the company’s website hits $19,350. That includes solar power, AC, heater, cook stove, etc.

Overall, pretty damn affordable for the craftsmanship. And, you get the benefit of avoiding the primary and secondary costs of owning an RV – initial price and then the never ending maintenance costs.

For ordering and additional information on the options, head over to Timberleaf.

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