Time-lapse photography has been a favorite among amateurs and pros alike. Now it just become a lot more social with Instagram’s release of Hyperlapse. Before you start digging around your Instagram app, this one is a stand-alone. It seems Instagram’s parent company, Facebook, is insistent on making nearly every feature into its own app.

If you’re wondering why, it’s because it puts you in front of more ads. A catchall limits the number of impressions, and revenue growth is paramount for Facebook.

As for how this works, the word is a lot easier. Traditional time-lapse videos are incredibly time consuming, and the good ones are labor intensive. The app by Instagram aims to remove the barrier to entry, or at least drastically lower it.

Available on the iOS store, the app requires no login and you are immediately greeted with a camera. Start and stop buttons appear, and then a green check mark to save the video to your camera roll.

Features include adjustments made to the playback on the fly from speed of 1x to 12x. Hyperlapse allows for up to 45 minutes of footage, but if you want to import to Instagram, you have to cut it down to 15 seconds. It wouldn’t be a shocker to see Hyperlapse videos get an exception in later updates.

Image stabilization comes standard on the new app, and is the same tech on the current Instagram app. If you want filters, you will have to import the footage over to your Instagram account.

Instagram isn’t the only one diving into the time-lapse space for mobile. Microsoft is gearing up a ‘me too’ app for release on Windows Mobile. It won’t have anywhere near the usage numbers, but it is good to see Microsoft getting more social.

Those looking for Hyperlapse can head over to the iOS App Store today. Sorry Android, it looks like you’re in for a bit of a wait.


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