The smartwatch battle. How can a company set itself apart with the rush of products hitting every single day? One way? Don’t change. Timex is launching its Metropolitan+ with that goal. Don’t change what works.

Looking at the Metropolitan+, it’s easy to think a nice Timex. Nothing more, nothing less. And you’d be wrong. Packed inside is your smartwatch. Fitness tracking? Definitely. Steps, distance and estimated calories burned are tracked via the Timex app.

Don’t want to drag out your phone to check how close you are? The watch features a fourth hand to keep you current on how close you are to reaching your daily goal. Or as a reminder you need to move around. Netflix isn’t going anywhere.

Don’t worry Timex fans. The INDIGLO night light is still there. It’s a Timex, how could they take it away?

timex metropolitan activity tracker

One feature that piqued my interest? No charger. Battery life is estimated at over a year. Toss in water resistant and I’m liking what I see.

Is this a fitness replacement? No. There’s not a heart rate tracker, and some metrics it just won’t have. It’s not meant to have them. Think of it like shoes. Do you wear flip flops hiking? Don’t answer that…

It’s the same principle. The Metropolitan+ is an inexpensive solution to keeping a fashion-conscious watch while keeping basic fitness statistics.

Timex is offering quick change straps for $20. If the orange feels a bit too orange, you can easily change out straps to fit your personality.

In Spring 2016, the company is promising to add sleep metrics to the collection. For those of us that have an inability not to look at a screen at night, it’ll show you how destroyed your sleep patterns are.

The Metropolitan+ is on sale today for $125. A gift set with the orange strap is available for $150.

Does it do everything you want from a smartwatch? Maybe not, but it also isn’t planning on going obsolete to introduce new versions. You buy a watch to keep. Not to sign on to a never ending upgrade plan.

Look for our review in the next week or so. In the meantime, jump over to learn more about the watch.

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