Tinder Thinks All You Need is Instagram in Update
Tinder Thinks All You Need is Instagram in Update

Looking for the love of your life? Tinder wants to help by showing off your recent Instagram pictures. 34 of them to be exact. So, your affinity for filters, Starbucks, your cat and taking lunch pictures should help you find that special someone.

Tinder wants to give you more chances to of having someone swipe right on your picture. For the uninitiated, that means a possible match and a first date from hell. Or, it could end in another viral wedding proposal video. It’s truly a flip of a coin.

Users of Tinder have already been putting their Instagram usernames in their profiles, so the update makes sense. Go ahead and pair the two from a UX perspective.

tinder update

Before the update, Tinder synced with Facebook for matches. Potential matches could see if you had any friends in common or interests. If you ‘liked’ a page, the app would show it to help you connect with someone with share interests.

Tinder Update

Not only does the new update show off 34 recent pictures from Instagram, the Facebook integration is tighter. Now potential matches will be able to see all your likes – yeah, time to tone down using the like button – to see if you have an interest they despise.

Another feature is the friends-of-friends. You know that one person who is cousins with the other person’s wife? It turns out we both know that person. How this helps in your hookup is beyond me, but we live in the age of big data.

With the update comes some good news. Those not wanting to pay the monthly fee get the featureset for free. For those of us over 30, we are still having to shell out an additional ‘30 is the new AARP age’ fee for Tinder Plus.

Tinder Plus comes with unlimited likes, being able undo a swipe, and look for matches in places you don’t live.

Tinder power users? Control yourself on Instagram. Get ready for the overuse of filters and enough cute animal pictures to make anyone swoon.

You know you’re going to pose with your dog or cat. Go ahead and get it out of your system.

The app autoupdates, so you should have the latest features.

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