Tinder Swipes Right For Tappy Buy
tinder buys tappy

I think Tinder has a type. The Hollywood-based dating app announced yesterday it was buying Tappy, an auto-destruct photo messaging app similar to Snapchat. It looks long-term too – the acquisition centers around Tappy’s team over technology.

Speaking to the LA Times, Tinder Chief Executive Sean Rad explained the move. “The incredibly talented Tappy team is uniquely qualified to help us tackle important parts of our roadmap.”

Terms of the deal have not been disclosed, but the deal will reunite old colleagues. Tappy’s co-founders, Brian Norgard and Dan Gould worked with Sean Rad on Adfly. The site was an advertising agency that linked celebrities with brand names for social media endorsements deals.

Financially, Tinder is an unknown. The dating-app is a private company, so information is sparse. It is in vertical that has some serious cash and is growing. The entire dating market is valued around $2 billion annually, with growth near 5%. We all want to be loved.

Brian Norgard was thrilled with the prospect of joining the Tinder family. “Our team couldn’t be happier to join Tinder, It’s rare to find a company that has exploded onto the scene so quickly, but it hasn’t scratched the surface of its potential.”

If you live under a rock, Tinder is a smartphone dating app that lets you swipe left to reject matches or swipe right and regret it later. Think of it like the old school ‘hot or not’ websites redesigned into a slick app on your phone.

Users of Tappy should be aware that with the deal, the app is shutting down. This will leave users searching for another photo messaging app. Looks like some Snapchat holdouts will be downloading it later today.

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