Now here’s a crowdfunding campaign to get excited about. Especially if you’re like me and absolutely love astrophotography.

TinyMOS is developing the Tiny1 to be the world’s first astrophotography camera with an emphasis on portability, smart tech and of course, social. Instagram feeds filling up with pictures of the Milky Way, the moon and distant planets? Beats seeing someone shill Instagram marketing techniques.

Yes, it can take selfies too. But, the emphasis is putting the stars in your pocket. And the company extends its capabilities from there.

A lens adapter is included and will fit all aftermarket lenses – including telescopes. Perfect for those moon shots.

Bring the Stars to You

Skip astronomy? Neil deGrasse Tyson will be upset, but TinYMOS solves the issue by integrating a star map. Its touchscreen allows you to select what celestial body you’re going for. Please don’t select the moon. Seriously, go back inside before you hurt yourself if you have to tap the moon icon.


Other options include planets, Milky Way shots, and Nebula. A small telescope coupled with the Tiny1 will bring Saturn’s rings into perfect focus.

The company is promising backers who pledge $20 extra the ability to name a star in a special edition of the star map.

Tiny1 Specs

It will launch with a mobile app. For now, it’s iOS and Android. Sorry, Windows. Pair your smartphone with the camera for quick sharing and control the camera via WiFi.

The company’s CTO guides us through what makes the Tiny1 small and powerful:

The big takeaway is the 4MP sensor. In a world where advertising centers around increasing pixel numbers, the 4MP may be off-putting. The company explains that the lower pixel count allows them to cut out the gaps, and more light is let into the frame.

You’ll see in the videos the stock lens has a noticeable coma. That’s normal when you’re looking for wide aperture and a tradeoff the company admits. Post-crowdfunding, TinyMOS is looking for aspherical optics to pair with the camera.

For the RAW shooters, the camera shoots in both .RAW and .DNG.

Time-lapse shooter? The Tiny1 was originally developed for time-lapse photography, and the production model is keeping that mode.

The Tiny1 is made from an aluminum mono body. It’s both durable and acts as a heat sink to reduce thermal noise. Pair that with the company’s patent-pending noise reduction algorithm.

Shooting Stars

While it looks like a point and shoot, the best results will come from a tripod and pairing the Tiny1 with your smartphone for control. You want zero movements when taking long exposures.


It opens the doors for amateur photographers to explore a hobby without breaking the bank. The company sums up the experience with a product comparison.



Is it a bit overdone? Sure, but for a camping trip with the family, the Tiny1 fills that niche of not owning a pack mule. Convincing your date to trek a telescope to the top of a trail may not be the best idea for a first date. Having what amounts to a point-and-shoot astrophotography camera is an underserved niche.

Once people dive deeper into the hobby, they can see how far the rabbit hole goes with lenses, stacking software, sky trackers, etc.

Tiny1 Indiegogo

A pocket astrophotography camera? Yeah, the $100,000 funding goal was eclipsed inside a day. TinyMOS is enjoying one hell campaign, sitting at $158,000 with a month remaining.

Pricing is set at $379 for 200 early bird specials. Once it sells out, the price jumps to $399. Early backers will enjoy the Tiny1 by December 2016. Late backers or multi-pack buyers will have to wait until February 2017 to impress their friends.

Learn more about the company and the Tiny1 on its campaign page.


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