Titanfall 2’s Day One Patch Gets Me

Titanfall 2 story

It’s game day. You’re all set to get home and game for a few hours. You throw the disc in (or fire up the digital version) only to be met with a 10 GB+ update. I know Comcast customers everywhere are grabbing pitchforks over the 1 TB cap. Me? Hell, it was a 300% upgrade. Try playing games, watching Netflix and doing regular computer stuff on 300 GB/month. Yep, I exceeded that regularly.

We already have games topping out at 80 GB. Yeah, I’m looking at you Gears of War 4. Great game, but what the hell takes up 80 gigs?

500 GB Xbox One? Halo, Gears and GTA V pretty much take that up.

But the news isn’t always bad. Titanfall 2 is coming Friday and includes a day one patch. Nope, it’s not an absurd 11 GB update like Gears of War 4 had. Titanfall 2 will be stressing my connection with just 88 MB.

Damn, I wonder what that adds. Going off other recent day one updates, Respawn must have forgotten a logo somewhere.

Titanfall 2 scores

Despite a not-so-well received beta, Titanfall 2 reviews are pointing to another fantastic entry in the franchise. Last Titan Standing is back again, so all is well in the Titanfall world for me. OpenCritic has the average sitting at 86 based on 21 reviews.

Many reviewers tout Titanfall 2’s campaign as one of its strengths. That should please those who clamored for it.

Titanfall 2 is coming this Friday. Look for my review shortly after.

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