Wall-running and Titans. That’s Titanfall. And not just running up the side of one building. Nope, I want to bounce from building to building with ease. That didn’t happen in the technical test. The map layouts were the problem. Just when you were starting to chain together a good run, you jump, and there’s nothing else to run on.

The folks at Respawn assured us shortly after the first technical test the full game included “more traditional Titanfall maps.” Eden is one of those maps. EA recently flew a bunch of YouTubers/Twitch streamers to the Respawn studios to go hands on with Attrition on Eden.

That’s right; the ‘everyone gets a ribbon’ game mode returns! And I like my ribbon. For whatever reason, Respawn played coy about whether or not Attrition was returning. Well, worry no more. Shoot, blast and stomp your way through incompetent AI players.

A lot of videos are floating around showing off Attrition and Eden. But TheRealDarkness429’s video does the best job (that I’ve seen so far) showing off pilot mobility on Eden.


Before we dive into the map, I’m going to touch on Attrition real quick. Attrition is your typical 6v6 team deathmatch mode with a twist. AI grunts come crashing down in drop pods. Killing them gives you points, but the amount differs on what you’re shooting at. It looks like 5 points for Pilots (actual players) and 2 points for AI enemies.

I’m stoked to see Attrition return. Good players will still do their thing, while casual players get to feel like they’re contributing. It’s a good system, and the first Titanfall showed it works. So yeah, you shoot anything that moves and isn’t the same color as you.

Alright, let’s talk Eden. Players jump right into an industrial park with plenty of buildings and a rail system intersecting a large portion of the map. I fell in love with the map from the very beginning of his video. We see him begin wall running up one building before jumping to the side of rail system and then back on the building.

The options for where to go from here already look miles better than the two maps from the technical test. We could easily jump over the rail onto the other building and keep chaining wall runs together.

In the technical test, after chaining together a pair of runs, you ended up back on the ground with traditional run-and-gun gameplay. Titanfall shines when there are tons of options for pilot mobility. Need to wall run once to jump through a doorway? Done. How about chain together four or five wall runs to get across the map in a hurry? You can do that in Eden.

Respawn talked about wanting each map to be a unique experience. Homestead (the first map on the technical test) wasn’t exactly what Titanfall 1 fans expected to see with their first hands-on with Titanfall 2. The developers were aiming for a map that catered more towards long-range weapons. That’s fine, but it led to worry (including from me) that many of the maps were going to follow the same design philosophy.

The recent release of several new gameplay clips is going a long way towards tamping down my worries about Titanfall 2’s maps. Do you need more reassurance? Here you go.

Damn. Respawn got a hold of that DICE magic. That pistol execution at 0:45 is sick! And the grapple swing at 1:30? Battlefield 1 is getting some company in my shooter lineup next month.

Titanfall 2 crashes down on consoles and PC on October 28th. No EA Access on this one. EA is publishing Titanfall 2, but they don’t own Respawn Entertainment.

When I’m not playing Rocket League (best game ever), you can find me writing about all things games, space and more. You can reach me at alex@newsledge.com

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