How The Titanfall 2 Story Embraces The Game’s Mechanics
Titanfall 2 story

Last night, three developers from Respawn joined Geoff Keighley on LIVE with YouTube Gaming to reveal three parts of Titanfall 2’s story mode. One challenge facing the development team when making the first Titanfall story was creating a story that showcased Titanfall 2’s mechanics. Linear corridors don’t mesh too well with wall running, boost jumping and grapple hooking.

“The pilot mobility not just opens the battlefield, but opens up this sense of exploration and puzzle solving,” said lead designer Mohammad Alavi. “And kind of attacking any situation at your own pace. So the path he took through that, that’s the path he decided to take. That’s not the only path.” (Gameplay starts at 1:14 in the video below)

Game director Steve Fukuda describes it as more of an action adventure as pilot mobility affects the pacing of the game. (Gameplay starts at 3:03)

Ok, the Titanfall looks slick as hell. I was getting huge Halo ODST vibes during the first few seconds. We can see hints of more open-ended encounter design, but it’s hard to get a sense of just how open based on the short clip.

The final clip shows us a slice of a mission called The Ark. At Respawn, the mission is internally known as Ship to Ship. You’ll know why after you watch it. (Gameplay starts at 0:50)

This one is my favorite of the three. I mean, how can you hate on jumping/wall running between flying ships? There’s a little bit of everything. Plenty of wall running, up-close action and cinematic moments. And a boss fight tease at the end. Alavi says we can expect a “good amount” of boss fights in Titanfall 2’s story.

“There’s also a wide cast of enemy characters,” said Alavi. “You do come across them later in the campaign in the form of boss fights and other situations.”

Vince Zampella (CEO at Respawn) describes them as mercenaries.

Story gameplay breakdown

Keighley asks the trio about the gameplay breakdown in the story. How much will we play as the pilot and the Titan? Fukuda explains they arrived at a 2-1-1 formula early on in development. 2 parts pilot, 1 part Titan and 1 part “calm, puzzly kind of stuff.” We’ll see exactly how that translates in the full game.

I’m optimistic. The three parts Respawn showed off last night look solid. Fans wanted a story, and Respawn is giving them one.

What did you think of the three clips of Titanfall 2 story? Also, what are your thoughts on the gameplay breakdown?

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