Titanfall released last week, and with it came a much needed boost in Xbox One sales. It’s no secret. The Xbox One is losing the top sales fight to the PS4. A multitude of factors are responsible for this. Mainly, the price.

But now, compelling software is starting to release that will help drive sales of both consoles in the next few months. First up, Titanfall. According to GFK, Xbox One hardware sales jumped 96% in the first week of Titanfall’s release. The Titanfall bundle was responsible for more than 70% of all Xbox One hardware sold last week in the UK.

With Titanfall’s success, EA now has the top 2 selling titles by sales in the UK. GFK says, “Titanfall more than doubles the sales of what had been 2014’s current leader FIFA 14, which until now had delivered the highest sales for an All Formats No1 back in Week 1 of this year.”

Xbox One sales were also helped by a recent £30 price cut in the UK.

No specific numbers were given, but Microsoft has to be happy with any kind of boost. A near 100% jump is fantastic for a new IP.

We’ll know how much Titanfall boosted U.S. sales next month when the NPD Group releases the latest video game sales figures. In February, Microsoft sold 258,000 Xbox Ones. Microsoft should be able to top 500,000 on the back of Titanfall.

It’s hard to guess how much of a system seller Titanfall will be. Traditionally, system selling titles are released closer to the holiday shopping season. Halo, for instance, would usually release in September. It would take advantage of the hardcore audience, but also be new enough to sell well during the holiday season.

Infamous: Second Son Hits This Friday

Sony’s not being left out of the game either. This Friday, Infamous: Second Son releases. The sales war should be a close one with both consoles releasing exclusives this month. (Titanfall is an Xbox platform exclusive, it also releases on PC.)

What are your sales predictions for March? How much will the Titanfall effect impact Xbox One sales in the States?


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