With the Titanfall beta open for everyone on PC and Xbox One, people have been parsing the game’s files for clues about maps and other features. NeoGAF, an extremely popular gaming forum, compiled a bunch of new info on Titanfall. NeoGAF user, RazorUK, is the person behind all the new details.

I should preface that the following information isn’t confirmed by the developers, and it probably won’t be. It looks legit to me, though. We won’t know for sure until Respawn either confirms or until reviews start hitting the web.

With that out of the way, let’s dive into the details. There’s 15 maps coming to Titanfall. That’s a good number for Titanfall, especially since it’s a multiplayer only game. Anything less than about 12 and people would have started questioning if the game was worth $60.

Here’s the list.

Angel City (beta map)
Fracture (beta map)
Outpost 207
Smugglers Cove
Training Ground (possibly?)

Razor also managed to get a hold of screens for each map during their respective load screens. Official screenshots support the leaked map load screens. Check out one example below. Both screens show off the same ship.

This is the load screen pic from NeoGAF.

Titanfall Lagoon 2

Here’s a screen showing the same ship from a different angle.

Titanfall lagoon

The NeoGAF post also details weapon classes such as Titan shotgun and sniper rifle. Perks include ‘titan_punch’ and ‘dead_mans_trigger.’ Head on over to NeoGAF to see the full list perks, weapons and more.

It’s clear Respawn gave us just a small taste of Titanfall with the beta. I’ll post a bigger article with my full thoughts later this week, but I will say Titanfall is a breath of fresh air for the FPS genre that has been dominated by Call of Duty and Battlefield for far too long.


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