Sorry, Leo. You still don’t make it. Blame Kate Winslet for purposefully keeping his character, Jack, in the frigid Atlantic.

In preparation for an upcoming game, Vintage Digital Revival has rendered the Titanic disaster in real-time. All two hours and forty minutes of the Titanic slowly slipping beneath the surface of the Atlantic ocean.

It’s insanely long, but at the same time oddly intriguing. The creators are quick to point out that it’s not a polished product. They were rushing to complete it in time for the anniversary (4/15).

titanic sinking animation

Using the Unreal Engine 4, the team at Digital Revival added in text overlays to describe what was happening onboard the ship as the disaster was unfolding. The launching of lifeboats, rooms flooding and signal rockets firing are all included in the above clip.

Even the Californian is seen on the horizon.

The game is still in development, and you can read about the first-person mystery over at Vintage Digital Revival. There is also a short demo available. Watching the real-time YouTube clip will make you think the final game would be near perfect for a VR experience.

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