Tom Cruise is in full press mode for Mission Impossible Rogue Nation. If he’s not describing his insane stunts, he is finding his lovin’ feelin’. Appearing on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon, Cruise joined in for an epic Lip Sync Battle.

Being a good sport, Fallon let Tom Cruise kick it off with The Weekend’s Can’t Feel My Face. It’s damn hilarious to see the actor goof off to what he calls the song of summer.

Fallon for his part gave us a spot on Mick Jagger impersonation with The Rolling Stones Undercover of the Night. The man has Jagger’s mannerisms perfected. It’s fun to watch.

The second round almost had Cruise lighting up YouTube. The Roots struck up the song from Risky Business that made him famous. Instead, the actor said that just wouldn’t be fair to Jimmy and stuck with Meat Loaf’s Paradise by the Dashboard Light.

tom cruise lip sync battle

Don’t worry though. Need your Tom Cruise nostalgia. With all the Top Gun 2 news and comments, you just knew one of the two would pull out You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feelin’.

Fallon didn’t let the Cruise off the hook. He pulled him in for a duet with an ‘audience’ member. I don’t know if I buy she was an actual audience member, but it’s damn cool if she was.

Oh, and the lady trying to start the wave at 9:47? That’s hilarious and awkward…

The video clocks in at just over ten minutes. Somehow these skits never get old.


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