When I first saw the teaser trailer for Tomorrowland, I wasn’t sold on the movie. After this latest trailer, count me in as day one. Disney has released a new trailer, showing off the futuristic city we caught a glimpse of in the teaser.

Luckily for moviegoers, the plot has been kept under wraps. Personally, I like that. Excite me with the trailer, but don’t give me the cliff notes of the entire film. Tomorrowland stars George Clooney and Britt Robertson.

Here are a few clues from the latest trailer. The movie focuses on Casey (Robertson) who finds a magical pin, and is understandably freaked out about it. It eventually leads her to Frank (Clooney), who knows of Tomorrowland and they escape to the city via a magic bathtub.

Ok, that sounds stupid, but trust me, the movie looks fantastic. Casey is integral in fixing the mythical city, according the the villain of the movie.

Just who is the villain? Hugh Laurie. Yeah, Dr. House is playing an evil bastard. I swear to god doc, it’s not lupus.

Tomorrowland hits theaters on May 22, and was written by Brad Bird and Damon Lindelof. I swear, it better not have a Lost-style ending. There will literally be riots in the streets.

The late May release date also assures that Disney will own May. The Avengers: Age of Ultron hits May 1, and Tomorrow endcaps the month. Talk about making shareholders happy.

Disney Summer Movies

Of course we have Tomorrowland, with the second trailer below.

Next, is Disney-owned Marvel property, Avengers. If the company needed a guaranteed billion plus in box office receipts, this should do it.

And then the summer ends with Ant-Man, This is the movie I’m unsure of. Granted, Disney took a risk with Guardians of the Galaxy and hit a homerun. Can the magic be repeated? The jury is definitely out on this one.


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