Unveiled at the IFA tradeshow in Berlin, TomTom’s new line of fitness trackers promise something for everyone. Gym rats will appreciate the Body Composition Analysis in the new Touch tracker. The new Spark 3 handles GPS tracking, keeping fitness enthusiasts on the right path. And the TomTom Adventurer is what it sounds like. Put the features of the Spark 3 in a rugged package made for hikers, trail runners and skiers.

All three trackers are set for an October release date and are easy on the wallet. The Touch retails for $129.99, the Spark 3 + Music bundle for $249.99 and the Adventurer for $349.99.

TomTom Touch Specs

For those wanting something a bit sleeker, the TomTom Touch fits the bill. For the price, it’s packed with features. 24/7 activity tracking, including sleep tracking, steps, distance and the amount of time you’ve been active. Or not been active. Hey, not my fault College Football is back on.

Touch-black-tomtom-fitness tomtom-touch-fitness-tracker-black

The Touch has integrated heart-rate monitor and along with a sports mode to log and track your workouts. It adds up to the ability of the wearable to give you a general body composition analysis. The Touch has a touchscreen, and when paired to your phone, you can swipe through notifications of incoming calls and texts.

I know I’m not the only one that despises a ringtone and use the function to alert me to incoming calls and texts.

Color choices are abundant and fit with the marketing of wearing it 24/7. A negative on the tracker is it’s not waterproof. Sorry swimmers. The TomTom Touch is splash proof only. You can get it wet, but your laps at the pool will outstretch the IPX7 rating.

TomTom Spark 3 Cardio + Music

A step up from the touch, the Spark 3 is an actual watch. The Cardio + Music model combines heart rate tracking with storage for 500+ songs. And the included Bluetooth earbuds are surprisingly good. Technology is changing, and there’s the issue of Apple hellbent on killing the 3.5mm audio jack.

What’s different from the Touch? For one, you can swim with it. That’s a huge bonus for gym rats that prefer to hop in the water for lap sessions. Another is the ability to upload 15 routes to the Spark 3 from either the TomTom MySports App or platforms like Strava. GPS will overlay the route on the watch, allowing you to stay on your path or explore new areas.

TomTom Adventurer Specs

Those looking for the road not taken should opt for the Adventurer. It’s built to take a beating on trails and the slopes. It has all the features of a Spark 3 plus the addition of a barometer and a compass. It goes without saying, make sure the watch is charged in case the compass becomes necessary.

Adventurer-black-tomotom-fitness-watch Adventurer-tomtom

Trail runners will enjoy the addition of the barometer as it picks up slope runs and can offer up ascent and descent metrics on your workout. Those needing a playlist for the run enjoy the same 500-song capacity as the Spark 3.

TomTom MySports App

It wouldn’t be a fitness tracker without an app. TomTom wirelessly syncs with your phone giving you detailed information on your workouts, runs and general daily life. It’ll also serve to get your goal setting before the new year. Why wait to make a resolution? Kick ass now and your New Year’s resolution will be competing in Tough Mudders versus getting in shape for one.

All three units will hit stores in October. Look for our reviews as the launch date edges closer.

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