Netflix is borrowing a page from Microsoft’s marketing department. Poke the giant. The giant in this case? Apple. The company is set to launch the Apple Watch on April 24, and Netflix couldn’t resist a parody.

Just don’t start mimicking Apple prices. I’m 100% hyped for Daredevil tomorrow, but keep my monthly subscription where it’s at. The Netflix Watch, if real, would be a smartphone strapped to your wrist.

Doesn’t a third-party accessory company already make that? If not, let the countdown for the Kickstarter campaign begin.

Not only could you watch Jericho for the fourth time – don’t judge me, I’m holding out hope – but the device would have a big clock on it. It wouldn’t be much of a watch if it didn’t.

Netflix should make a band just for the hell of it. Novelty alone would move serious units, and pokes fun at the wearable craze. How many steps did I walk today? Doesn’t matter, I just binged all three seasons of House of Cards. Do you even watch tv, bro?

Daredevil Release

This could all just be hype, but damn Daredevil is looking awesome. Marvel fans, go ahead and call in sick tomorrow. There’s a show for you to binge watch now.

If you don’t want to be spoiled on how the red costume will look on the show, don’t watch the YouTube clip below. It looks badass.

daredevli costume netflix

And Netflix, bring back Jericho. Watching the seasons over and over is a bit embarrassing at this point.


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