Total War: Warhammer is fantastic, but a lot of us are looking forward to Creative Assembly’s next crack at a historical Total War game. We know a portion of the team is busy working on one. But the developer’s last update hinted at a new way of offering fans a taste of history quicker.

They’re calling these new games Total War Saga. Creative Assembly’s Jack Lusted is leading the development of the first Saga game and touched on what these games are and aren’t in a blog post.

These games won’t cover an all-encompassing era like Rome or Shogun. But they also won’t focus on a single character like Napoleon or Attila. Instead, the team is looking for “key, pivotal points in history which don’t necessarily revolve around a single character, and only lasted a few months or few decades at most. Such moments also tend to be constrained to a tight geographic area as well,” says Lusted.

Lusted was quick to point out the tighter geographic area doesn’t mean a smaller map. He says the first Saga game’s map is comparable in gameplay size to Total War: ATTILA. But, doesn’t cover as big of a geographical area. It sounds like we’re getting a blown-up map of a smaller area. Which also lets the developers dive into much deeper detail with the setting.

Creative Assembly has done this type of game before according to Lusted. He points to the Fall of the Samurai standalone from Total War: SHOGUN 2 as the perfect example of what they’re trying to achieve with the Saga games. That game focused on the Boshin War and threw you right into the thick of things.

“If you liked Fall of the Samurai, and the kind of gameplay we delivered with it, then you’re going to enjoy what we’ve got planned for our first Saga title,” says Lusted.

Details on the new Saga game are still slim, but Lusted did say it will be another spiritual follow-up to Total War: ROME II.

Saga games can cover time periods ranging from a couple of months to several decades, “but still focused on a single geographic area.”

Lusted says fans should expect more info about the first Saga game in the next few months. I imagine Creative Assembly wants to get Warhammer II out the door before talking a lot about the Saga game. Total War: Warhammer II is coming on September 28.

The next big gaming conferences are Gamescom starting August 23 and PAX West on September 1. I’m hoping we hear a bit more about the first Saga game at one of them.

I like Creative Assembly going this route. The next mainline historical Total War game could be at least a year away or longer. It wouldn’t surprise me to see this first Saga game coming out in Spring 2018 or sooner. It will be less than six months between announcement and release for Warhammer II. When we finally do get a proper reveal for the Saga game, I doubt we’ll be waiting long to play it.

To recap, Creative Assembly is working on two historical Total War games. One is the Saga game. The other is a mainline title covering a completely new era.

What would be your dream Saga game?

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