Mounted units were usually limited to horses in previous Total War games. But, Creative Assembly gets to shed historical accuracy with their next RTS entry using the Warhammer fantasy setting.

This is the Demigryph.

Part lion, part eagle. All awesome. Only the most well-known knights of the Empire will ride these beasts into battle. They will be a major force to reckon with. Demigryphs can pin enemy units and tear them to shreds.

Demigryph Total War Warhammer

In the video, the developers talk about wanting to “capture the sense of pride these creatures radiate.”

Stay tuned this Friday to see the first in-engine trailer for Total War: Warhammer. Remember, in-engine isn’t in-game – but we will get our first good look at Total War: Warhammer.

Today’s video is the first in an ongoing series of introductory videos. I’ll keep you posted as new videos are uploaded. As for release date? Nothing concrete yet besides “coming soon.”


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