When I first heard Creative Assembly was tackling the Warhammer universe, I was excited but also a bit skeptical. How would magic work? What would combat be like with flying units?

Creative Assembly talks about that and more in their latest video. The video below shows a scripted battle of The Battle of Black Fire.

One of the challenges the developer talks about in the video is not making magic too overpowered. There will be a limited amount of magic you can use in each battle. But, it will recharge over time “according to various factors.”

Creative Assembly sees magic playing more of a supportive role in Warhammer. They don’t want battles to be completely decided by magic.

The developer stresses they want to make every aspect of the game more dynamic and ‘punchy.’ The footage is pre-alpha, so some of these areas need more work like cavalry charges. We do get a good look at the improved infantry charges, though.

I’m digging the major differences in units and play styles between the two factions. The Empire looks more like your traditional army while the Greenskin horde deploys massive trolls to lay waste to infantry lines.

Total War: Warhammer is looking great so far. The biggest challenge for Creative Assembly and any RTS developer is balance. If they can nail that and have a smooth launch – there’s going to be a lot of happy Warhammer fans.

Set aside ten minutes of your day and check out the gameplay video.

Let me know what you think of the footage.


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