You have to love SEMA. It’s where car enthusiasts go to play. We’ve seen the Dodge Challenger that is downright cruel in that it will never see the showroom floor. What about the SUVs of the world? Baja kits? Off-road monsters? Nah, been there. Done that.

Toyota decided to flip the script in the SUV column. Gone are the lift kits to tackle trails. Making its SEMA debut was a Toyota Land Cruiser that gives supercars a run for their money. Dubbed the Land Speed Cruiser, the SUV is all in on speed with a side of speed.

Toyota Land Speed Cruiser SEMA

The Land Cruiser has been custom lowered for obvious reasons. Can you imagine hitting over 200 mph on a showroom Land Cruiser? Welcome to rollover hell.

It’s marketing speak, but Toyota wants us to believe it’s a sleeper. “From the outside, the Land Speed Cruiser appears quite normal, quite subtle,” Toyota Motorsports Technical Center manager Chuck Wade said. “This is what makes it so special. Every single system and component has been touched. The trick is getting the body back into the heavily modified frame.”

Toyota Land Cruiser Rear SEMA

The frame can’t get much lower and gives off a speed and urban vibe over the traditional Land Cruiser.

Under the hood of the lowered chassis is a Toyota 3UR-FE 5.7L V8. Not enough power under the hood? Toyota is in complete agreement, and the team added dual Garrett turbochargers. Controlling the beast is a custom ATI transmission enabling the Land Cruiser to blow past the supercars of the world.

Toyota Land Cruiser SEMA engine

The horsepower numbers are insane. Its V8 coupled with the Garrett turbochargers hit 2000hp. If they ever sold one, you better strap an Exxon on the back, You’d need it.

Unfortunately, we can’t stroll into a showroom and buy one of these. It’s Toyota having a bit of fun. Understandable and selling a 2,000hp Land Cruiser would make Al Gore cry. Now the Dodge Challenger at SEMA? That should be sold at showrooms. The perfect blend of classic style with modern convenience. A 220mph SUV? Absurd, but damn if I don’t want to take it for a spin.

There is a caveat to the 220mph number. It’s based off Toyota’s press release. You can see it hitting 160mph in a promo video, so we have to take them at their word it can blow the doors off almost any car on the road.

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