Summer road trips just got a bit easier for families to deal with. The newest version of Toyota’s Sienna minivan comes with a feature called Driver Easy Speak. This feature amplifies the driver’s voice in the backseat through the vehicle’s audio system. The feature is designed “so parents don’t have to shout to passengers in the back,” Toyota told the AP.

Your son and daughter fighting in the backseat? They won’t be for long after your booming voice tells them to knock it off. If that doesn’t work, Toyota has a backup plan. A dual-view, Blu-ray entertainment system should keep them occupied for at least a little while. If you’re game for some old-fashioned talking, Toyota is also including a “pull-down conversation mirror” so you can check on your kids without turning around.

Toyota’s Driver Easy Speak feature is limited to purchases of the Entune premium audio system. Pricing for the 2015 Toyota Sienna hasn’t been announced yet.


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