Runtastic is best known for its fitness apps and hardware. Today, they add sleep-tracking to the mix with Sleep Better. Check out the app now on iPhone and Android.

Sleep Better has the features you would expect for a sleep-tracking app. Track the quality of your sleep by laying your phone right beside you. It counts on the phone’s sensors to track how restless you were through the night (tossing and turning, etc.).

Like many other sleep tracking apps it knows how you sleep, and you can set a smart alarm to wake you up when you’re not in deep sleep. Supposedly this makes you feel more-rested. Yeah… Nothing beats a solid 12 hours on the weekend.

Runtastic can be used for free, but $1.99 will add more features and remove the ads. Some of the premium features include jotting down dream notes, and charting things that can affect your sleep including caffeine intake. It even tracks how moon phases affect your sleep. Wait a sec, what? Guess I have a new excuse for why I slept through my alarm. The damn moon is full.

Check out Runtastic’s features in the video below. If you’re looking for a different sleep-tracking app, or are new to the sleep-tracking, check out Sleep Better on iPhone and Android. Already have a sleep-tracking app? Runtastic doesn’t do much to change-up sleep-tracking.


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