Always a bad nut somewhere. Trader Joe’s is the latest company to recall a food product over fears of contamination. In this case, it is the store brand raw walnuts being voluntarily recalled.

Trader Joe’s fears the product has the potential to be contaminated with salmonella, though there have been no reported cases linked to the nuts.

With the recall comes the common sense warning from Trader Joe’s not to eat any of the recalled walnuts. Yeah, I know. But, you just know there’s going to be that one person that cracks open the bag and goes to town while watching March Madness.

The salmonella contamination was found via an outside company contracted by the US Food and Drug Administration. It found salmonella in some packages, and Trader Joe’s immediately reacted with the voluntary recall.

Customers can return the walnuts to the store for a refund or just toss them in the trash.


It is a type of of bacterium that is often linked with food poisoning. Severe infections can be fatal in young children, the elderly and a person with a weakened immune system.

For the healthy person contracting salmonella, prepare to despise life. Symptoms include vomiting, nausea, diarrhea and fever. Yeah, don’t eat the nuts.

Salmonella Treatment

Most cases resolve themselves in 5-7 days and require little more than oral fluids. It’s all about staying hydrated. Primary care doctors would probably treat the the symptoms with prescription drugs. Patients that become dehydrated can expect IV fluids.

Don’t expect antibiotics unless you are an at-risk patient. The treatments can often prolong the symptoms. Also, various strains of Salmonella have developed antibiotic resistance due to overuse.

A good resource for Salmonella outbreaks is the CDC page on the bacterium. Right now, there are no outbreaks, and hopefully it stays that way.

If you know anyone that loves a Trader Joe’s walnut, tell them to toss the bag immediately.


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