chris vacca uzi

These types of gun ranges dot the landscape across the country. You go in and are allowed to shoot firearms that you see in the movies. Fully-automatic weapons are the draw, and tragedy struck when a 9-year old accidentally killed her instructor.

At first, the instruction was going well, with the girl firing off one shot and the instructor happily showing her the ropes. It was when the instructor said go full-auto that the accident happened. Uzis are known to ride up in the most trained hands. We can debate the intelligence of letting a 9-year old field a submachine gun, but it won’t bring back Chris Vacca.

The gun range in question has already said they have never once had an incident. And I’m sure they’ve had plenty of kids come through the doors with parents. When the Uzi started to ride up, the gun swung toward Mr. Vacca and he died of the subsequent gunshot wound to the head.

At the range, only certain ages are allowed to shoot, but manager Sam Scarmando said that the young girl fit within the guidelines. That type of weapon in the hands of 9-year old is a recipe for disaster, no matter how controlled the environment.

Police are investigating the accident, but cell phone footage shows the point of the accident, and it will likely be ruled such.