Remember wishing for another Transformers sequel? Same here. Yet, here we are with Michael Bay unleashed in the editing room. And explosions. Lots of damn explosions. One thing is for certain. Christmas 2017 is going to be an expensive proposition for my nephew.

You’re like me and initially thought a medieval Transformers? Consider me intrigued. Anthony Hopkins being Anthony Hopkins. It might actually have some promise as something more than a movie you watch on Starz when you have the flu.

It pulls you in with Anthony Hopkins talking about the war between two species locked in constant war – one flesh, the other metal. And Optimus Prime is gone. Drifting in space. Or is he?

Then the trailer goes off the rails with Mark Wahlberg and company battling it out against the Transformers. Why is the kid giving the uplifting speech about staying to fight? Paramount had my nephew and me at explosions and the dragon – bet Khaleesi wishes she had one of those.

Transformers: The Last Knight Plot

You’re kidding, right? No one sees these films for the plot. Giant robots. Explosions. Done. But, Anthony Hopkins does say one of the species will win in this movie, so there is the possibility this is the final film…

One subplot everyone wants to see is the fight between Bumblebee and Optimus. Depending on how closely Michael Bay and company stick to the source, Optimus is Nemesis Prime controlled by Unicron. You’ll notice Optimus eyes are blue but are suddenly purple when attacking Bumblebee.

Toss in a planet eating planet and you have your popcorn movie.

The cast for the film introduces a few new faces and brings in the old guard. Mark Wahlberg, Josh Duhamel, Anthony Hopkins, Laura Haddock, Isabella Moner, Stanley Tucci, John Turturro are the headliners in the film.

Transformers Release Date and Box Office

Mark your calendars for June 23rd. The franchise has seen diminishing returns stateside, but the overseas market is the market for the film. Especially China. It’s a guaranteed hit there and may ensure Transformers: The Last Knight is not the final film in the series.

The movie will also enjoy a relatively clear release weekend depending on how well Cars 3 carries over into its second weekend. It’ll be a one weekend wonder with Despicable Me 3 sitting on the following weekend. Paramount will enjoy a nice opening weekend and then look overseas for profit.

Sound off on the trailer below.

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